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Founded in 1966, INTEGRAL has become one of the world's largest independent manufacturers of toner for copiers and laser printers. Additionally INTEGRAL has been a well-known supplier of qualified spare parts for copiers and laser printers such as OPC drums, cleaning blades, fuser rollers and other components for many years.

Today INTEGRAL serves thousands of customers in all continents with an extensive range of imaging consumables.

INTEGRAL operates state of the art manufacturing facilities in Germany , Ireland and France. At our Research & Development Laboratory - research and quality control-personnel ensure that imaging materials from INTEGRAL always fulfil the most stringent requirements of our demanding customers. When sourcing your toners from INTEGRAL, you have the advantage of working with an experienced manufacturer.
At INTEGRAL we have developed and manufactured our first toner in 1973. Since this time, significant  investments have been made by  INTEGRAL  into some of the mostmodern and advanced manufacturing facilities, which can be found in the industry.

In our e-catalog you will find an extensive range of toners for copiers and laser printers, parts such as OPC drums, cleaning blades, fusing rollers, fusing films as well as other crucial components for copiers and laser printers.

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2007 (November)

INTEGRAL  acquires the manufacturing assets of the Elfotec toner plant in Mönchaltorf, Switzerland.

This acquisition is a strategic move to strengthen INTEGRAL’s position in the market as a manufacturer of premium copier and printer toners.

By expanding the capacity INTEGRAL is able to better serve new and additional customer groups such as OEMs looking for a service manufacturing partner.

2007 (April):

On April 16th INTEGRAL has acquired NTT New Toner Technologies in Switzerland, a manufacturer of specialty toners for ceramics and glass applications. NTT's know how and expertise includes a large variety of color toner formulations for specialty applications. The acquisition of NTT provides INTEGRAL with extensive know how in the area of specialty toner formulations and color toners.

2006 (May):

INTEGRAL has acquired 50,000 sqm of premises in Kerken, Germany to accomodate its extended European Distribution Center, warehouse and office facilities. Centrally located, this faility is to serve thousands of customers with premium imaging consumables in all continents.
6,000 sqm of built area are dedicated to warehousing and logistics bringing the total Kerken logistics space of INTEGRAL to 8,500 sqm. Additional 650 sqm of office space are added to existing facilities.


2006 (April):

INTEGRAL acquires manufacturing and laboratory assets from Nashua Corporation's toner manufacturing facility to be added to INTEGRAL´s toner facility. This acquisition goes in line with INTEGRAL´s continuous expansion of its toner manufacturing capacity.



2006 (January): 

INTEGRAL celebrates 40 years of commitment to Quality & Excellence as well as the 40th anniversary since its foundation in 1966. 

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2005: Expansion in the Americas

INTEGRAL opens a sales office in Miami, Florida to support INTEGRAL´s growing presence and further market expansion in North and South America and in order to continue to develop both existing and new customers and channels.

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2003: Fully Automated Toner Production

INTEGRAL completes the construction of its all new state-of-the art toner production facility. With this facility, INTEGRAL can pride itself to have not only one of the most advanced facilities, but probably the most automated one. All toners produced in the new facility are made in a fully-automated and computer-controlled process starting at fully automated raw material dispensing all the way through to the final product.




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2002: New Quality Seal

INTEGRAL creates its "EXCELLENT & COMPATIBLE" quality seal for toner and parts of outstanding performance and quality. INTEGRAL products offered under the Excellent & Compatible mark are 100 % performance guaranteed.



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2001: Increase in Toner Manufacturing

INTEGRAL acquires the assets of Turbon´s toner plant from Hattingen, Germany. With this acquisition INTEGRAL has added additional important toner manufacturing capacity to its existing facility.

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2000: The New Millenium


With the start of the new millennium, the construction of the new 6,000 sqm manufacturing plant commences. With the recognised growth of the market for independently produced toners in mind, INTEGRAL decides to build an all-new toner manufacturing plant with the ambitious aim to make it the home of what probably is the most automated toner manufacturing facility known up to date. 




Another major innovative project is started by INTEGRAL in 2000 with the development of a heater chip series for inkjet cartridges, which helped INTEGRAL to gain recognition in the market for inkjet heater chips.




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1998: The Name Says What it Stands for

As an expression of INTEGRAL´s continued commitment to and reputation for quality and consistency, INTEGRAL creates the slogan "THE TONER FOR BETTER IMAGES" as an exclusive trademark to recognise the supremacy of INTEGRAL´s toners in terms of image quality and performance.



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1996: Expansion in Toner Manufacturing 

With the continued growth of the toner business, INTEGRAL decides to make another major move by acquiring another full-scale toner production line at the beginning of 1996. This new acquisition helped INTEGRAL to increase the capacity of equipment owned by a further 50%.




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1995: Automation of filling operation & 
          cartridge production

To keep track with the growth of demand for premium toners, INTEGRAL makes investments in the expansion and automation of its filling operation by designing and installing fully-automated toner cartridge filling lines in 1995.



Additionally in the same year, INTEGRAL starts its own cartridge production facility with the implementation of an advanced cartridge production / sealing line.




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1994: New Toner Logo

From 1994, the stylized toner logo is applied to all INTEGRAL toner packaging.



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1993: Additional warehouse capacity

In 1994, INTEGRAL increases warehouse capacity by adding a third site in Kerken to keep track with the continued growth of business and with the aim to provide a largely extended range of products to customers around the world. 

                                                                                   Site 3, Kerken






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1992: A New Star is born: The Stylized
          GI Trademark


With the unparalleled success of the new microfine toner generation, the time has come for INTEGRAL to award a quality seal for its outstanding product range: the stylized GI brand was born, standing for "Genuine INTEGRAL" as well as quality, performance and reliability.
For over a decade  the GI trademark has become synonymous with leading quality. This trademark has since been extended to the full range of INTEGRAL toners for copiers and laser printers.

Since 1993 all INTEGRAL packaging design reflects the presentation of this prestigious mark.

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1992: Microfine Toner - A Market Leading
          Product Launched in 1992.


The launch of another unique product brought a boost to INTEGRAL's sales in 1992, the year when INTEGRAL launched a positively charged microfine toner for copiers, which soon gained the reputation of being the best product for the application because of its unrivalled quality and performance ratio. This original Microfine Toner has been developed by INTEGRAL into an extended toner range, soon to become a standard to be compared by.


1991: Increase in Toner Manufacturing

At the end of the same year, INTEGRAL makes another acquisition with the purchase of a full-scale highly- modern and fully automated toner production plant from a well-known Japanese chemical company.




1991: "Copier brokers of Germany"
            Division is created
            Warehouse space is added /
            Kerken site 2

INTEGRAL adds warehouse space to existing facilities with a second site in Kerken to accommodate its " Copier Brokers of Germany " trading division for second hand copying machines. The purpose of this division is to provide the distribution of affordable quality second hand copiers to toner customers around the world with the aim to increase the installed copying machines base for INTEGRAL toners.

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1990: Newly Styled Package Design

In 1990 INTEGRAL launches a range of INTEGRAL branded toner products featuring an all-new package design to be commented on as "best designed toner packaging" by many market participants. This new package expresses INTEGRAL´s commitment to providing premium quality branded products.


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1989: Expansion of Toner Manufacturing

At the beginning of the 1990s, INTEGRAL continues the expansion in toner production with the purchase of significant assets of a major toner plant from within the Ciba-Geigy-Group. This acquisition helps INTEGRAL to increase the manufacturing capacity to keep up with the growing demand for independently produced toners.




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1986: Fluidized Bed Developer Coating

In 1986, another milestone is accomplished in the corporate history with INTEGRAL taking into operation manufacturing equipment for the coating of steel developers for PTFE and other layers in a fluidized bed process. The application of this technique results in the production of developers with enhanced lives of up to half a million prints. These enhanced life developers from INTEGRAL had been successfully used in high-speed commercial printers.

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1985: New Office Facilities 
         & Trading Division for PC Computers 


In 1985, INTEGRAL moves to new office facilities to accommodate its corporate headquarters.





With the development of the market for personal computers, INTEGRAL decides to participate in what was a fairly new market at this time, by launching its own INTEGRAL branded range of AT compatible personal computers. This division was discontinued in 1988.

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1984: Unique Micro toner

In 1984 INTEGRAL sets standards again by developing and implementing a unique manufacturing process for liquid micro toner with properties, which by far outperformed those of conventional comparable toners in terms of image quality and copy yields. The micro toner process manufacturing technology of toner invented by INTEGRAL in the early 1980's involved a unique polymerization process, which resembles that of CPT (chemically produced toners) today.

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1983: New company logo



After 17 years in business, INTEGRAL decides to redesign is corporate INTEGRAL logo. Since this time the new logo has been synonymous with a brand customers can trust as well as quality and reliability.

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1982: Double-i trademark

INTEGRAL introduces its stylized double-i trademark standing for INTEGRAL INTERNATIONAL as well as for the top quality of the products bearing this market.

The stylized double-i trademark had become a popular brand for liquid and powder toners throughout the 1980´s.

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1980: New warehouse, manufacturing and
          R&D facilities


After almost 15 years of growth since its foundation, INTEGRAL moves into new manufacturing and warehouse facilities with the space required for the extended scope of business and activity.

Liquid toner production site 1, Kerken



At the same time INTEGRAL sets up research & development facilities for liquid toners.


R&D Building


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1979: The  Blue Drum


In 1979, INTEGRAL launches a photoreceptor drum to become well-known  because of its enhanced reproduction of blue tones compared to traditional photoreceptors available in the market at the time. INTEGRAL soon started to build a reputation as a leading supplier of photoreceptors to countries around the world.

With the focus on office supplies and manufacturing, INTEGRAL decides to rename itself from Integral Investments and Trading to Integral Business Equipment International.

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1975: Industrial Sealing

INTEGRAL opens a division for the distribution of high frequency industrial sealing equipment.

This advanced equipment range allows the non-impact sealing of plastic and glass containers as well as bottles.

The advantages comprise merits such as homogeneous sealing, security, authenticity and a high degree of economy.

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1973: The first toner manufactured

In 1973, toner production begins when INTEGRAL is the first independent company to manufacture electrostatic toners in Europe. INTEGRAL´s electrostatic toners became a success and INTEGRAL had become a well-known player in the market.

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1972: Toner Development begins

With the success and growth in the paper business, INTEGRAL soon starts to enter the toner business. By 1972, INTEGRAL set up its first toner research laboratory and manufacturing unit for copier toners.

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1971: New facility in 1971

In 1971, INTEGRAL moves to its facility in Kempen, Germany, which is accommodated in a former apparel confectionary plant. INTEGRAL remains in this facility until it moves to new facilities in 1980.

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1966: INTEGRAL is founded


INTEGRAL is founded and starts as a marketing company for the pharmaceutical industry. The original company logo is designed.
In the late 1960´s, INTEGRAL extends its activity to become an importer and distributor of electrostatic copier papers.

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